Our services

Our company offers a broad portfolio of solutions and IT services, including:

Analysis of the IT environment.

In our view, an analysis of the IT environment of the organization represents one of the first steps to identify the condition of the organization’s IT systems. We assume that knowledge, mapping and description of the IT environment of the organization can show its potential lack of ability to meet the demands and needs of users as well as uncover inefficient spending in information technology.
In our analysis focuses mainly on assessing the degree of achievement and fulfillment of client requirements with regard to its expectations in relation to construction or an existing IS. The specific content of IS analysis is formed based on defined areas for the implementation analysis, specified by the client, and enriched based on our previous experience.

Integrated IT administration

Our company understands the information system administration as a function, which defines and delivers processes and procedures necessary to ensure system administration services as support to production environment of a client. This includes managing and providing operational support for different elements within the IT environment, providing basic monitoring services for control function and last but not least administration of security parameters. Based on our experience, we offer services in the field of IT as an integrated complex with a clearly defined content and the complementary elements. These include:  server administration, network administration, administration of workstations and peripherals. Respecting individual needs and requirements and the size and the nature of clients' business environment, we created several variants of such complexes so as to ensure smooth and reliable operation to a client while maintaining the effectiveness of funds expended. Nature of the services performed, conditions, obligations and responsibilities, as well as price and other requirements are set in service level agreement (SLA), which is a guarantee of professional performance of activities and compliance with agreed conditions.


Information technology is gaining more and more respect and importance in today’s corporate systems. On the other hand, however, we also see from management of the companies an increase of the requirements for IT and its ability to provide sufficient, relevant, correct and accurate information in the necessary timeframe and the required form to prepare decisions and their role in simplifying and streamlining production and service processes and ensure the protection of sensitive information. Increasing demands on IT goes hand in hand with intensifying of operation and IT administration, therefore, with increasing investment and operating costs, organizational and operational changes and problems.

Our Outsourcing / Outtasking services offer maximum flexibility through the use of our expertise, technical and technological knowledge and experience in the IT environment. Our goal is to assist our clients in the absence of their own workforce, to professionally support their IT staff, increase the flexibility of implementation of IT services supporting business activities and not least to improve and clarify control of costs in IT.

Advisory services

A distinctive phenomenon accompanying the organization regardless of size and focus is often inadequate response to changing conditions in the field of information technology. In most cases, we experience desire of companies’ management to keep pace with modern technologies and techniques and implement them in their environment at any cost. This means repetitive investments in IT, constantly changing working environment for company employees, inefficient use of infrastructure and not least dramatically rising costs of procurement, operation and maintenance of IT. On the other side we see companies that still regard IT as a necessary evil. They opt for the cheapest, often half-hearted solution, which they non-conceptually include in their environment resulting in decrease in labor productivity and thus increase the total cost in proportion to their contribution.

We, at ITSolutions, aim to act as intermediary between client, its environment, ideas and goals and information technologies in their complexity. Our effort is to provide client with a proper expertise, explain functions of individual elements of IT system, familiarize him with new trends but above all help him to build up and maintain such IT environment that would secure more efficient performance of business tasks, shorten their duration and bring higher profitability based on economic ratios. 

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