In proportion to how the organizations are becoming more dependent on their IT environment within which they carry out their business transactions, share external data and perform basic day to day communication, the need for increased facility of access and functionality of this environment is rising. The simpler is access to structure IT the easier is access to important and often sensitive data that is stored in the system, which can lead to abuse or unauthorized changes. Therefore, we consider it necessary to secure that access to the system is granted only to authorized persons in accordance with the needs of the organization and that potential vulnerability of the system is protected against misuse

Based on the above conclusions, our goal is to use such a combination of different resources, processes, software and hardware applications and settings that can provide availability, integrity and confidentiality of information.

Under the availability of information and information system we understand the need to secure its disclosure in the requested time and structure. Information to which you don’t have access, or are degraded by viruses, spam and other malware, for you mean at best a waste of time, in worst case loss of business opportunity, or even a business case.
To eliminate such negative effects we can provide services for:
• deployment, configuration and reconfiguration of firewalls
• implementation of the VPN for branches access or so called road warriors
• installation, setup and administration of antivirus, anti spam and antispyware
• backup in the form of time and geographical backups

We perceive the need to ensure confidentiality and integrity of information as the need to avoid disclosing information to unauthorized persons and to protect against unauthorized changes. In this area we see a great reserve, especially in the approach to data protection and abuse inside the organization (employees, partners and external collaborators).
To eliminate such negative effects we can provide services for:
• defining, creating and administrating of security policies
• data and communications encryption
• deployment, configuration administration and monitoring features
• cooperation in the development of internal rules and guidelines
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